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  • Design and specify electrical systems for commercial, industrial and residential construction projects


     Typical systems include:

      AUDIO VIDEO                          Video projectors, flat panel displays, audio, touch screen controls

      COMMUNICATIONS                   Telephone, data, television
      FIRE ALARM                             Zoned and addressable
      MASS NOTIFICATION                Pre-recorded voice messages for building-wide notifications
      LIGHTING                                Indoor, outdoor, roadway, sports field
      POWER                                    Generation, distribution, solar power
      POWER QUALITY                       Lightning protection, power conditioning, isolation transformers, UPS
      SECURITY                                Video surveillance, intrusion detection, door access control
      WATER & WASTEWATER             Pump stations, remote telemetry, SCADA


  • Produce electrical drawings, specifications and construction contract documents

  • Building evaluation reports

  • Expert witness for fire Investigations and matters related to electrical systems.

        Including site investigations, photographs, videos, interviews, reports and courtroom testimony


  • Pre-construction conference with contractors

  • Submittal and shop drawing review

  • Construction observations

  • Record drawings (as-builts)

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